Collection: Fermented Vegetables & Tonics

We have chosen to only offer Spiralz Fermented Foods becasue they are the only brand we use within our family.

Spiralz Fermented Foods ferment authentically and traditionally, using no powders or additives.  They ferment in local spiring water, use pure pink himalayan salt so it high in minerals and they are NASAA certified organic. They are also Australian made and owned and are a beautiful family run business in NSW.

The Concentrated Probiotic Shot range offered by Spiralz Fermented Foods is second to none. Their garlic immune boosting concentrated shot is an absolute necessity in our homes to prevent us ever getting colds or viruses and the beet kvass and other tonics are amazing to maintain and promote overall health and gut health.

Once you try Spiralz Fermented Foods we believe you wont want to go back to any other products or brands.  

In our family we call these our Sugar Free Pickles and we use them on everything just like we would pickles.

Fermented foods are known to aid digestion, be loaded with electrolytes, help with so many gut issues like reflux, IBS, bloating, diarrhea and more.  

A little of these foods or tonics every day will benefit the health of every-body.