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Australia’s Own® Jojoba Oil – 100% Pure – Australian – 50ml

Australia’s Own® Jojoba Oil – 100% Pure – Australian – 50ml

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This product has absolutely saved my skin.  Several years ago I developed a condition called Periorificial dermatitis, which was a terrible rash all over my face.  Any creams or ointments from the doctor only made it worse as did any cosmetics.  All I could do was wash my face with water only until I discovered Jojoba Oil!  Not oly did this heal my rash completely, it moisturised my skin like never before and definitely has wonderful anti-ageing effects!  My skin is now strong and I can use anything I like on my face, but I just choose to use this because I can feel it perfectly absorbs, heals and moisturises.

Australia is home to some of the most arid land on the planet. It is in these harsh, pollution-free areas that the world’s finest Jojoba Oil is organically grown & harvested before being naturally cold-pressed.

This versatile 100% natural Australian treasure is actually a wax extracted from the Jojoba bush and in its pure & natural concentrated form will never spoil.

Jojoba Oil has been used throughout history to preserve and maintain a beautiful body. Remember, just a few drops go a long way! This versatile fragrance-free oil may be effectively used for the following treatments:

  • BEAUTIFIER – super moisturiser, retards wrinkles for smoother softer skin & a healthy natural glow.
  • HOT OIL HAIR TREATMENT – injects life and body. Conditions & moisturises both hair and scalp.
  • LUBRICANT – naturally hypo-allergenic and suitable for the most tender body parts.
  • NAIL HARDENER – rapidly penetrates nails to enrich, harden and strengthen.
  • SKIN RELIEF – soothes & nourishes dried & cracked skin and lips. Puts back what nature takes out.
  • WAXING – pre-treatment application enhances bonding for easy hair removal.
  • SHAVING – soothing natural aftershave.

IMPORTANT: We guarantee our Jojoba Oil to be the 100% pure Australian product. Don’t be fooled by cheap imports. Insist on Australia’s Own®.

Jojoba: the ultimate moisturiser
Use just two or three drops of Jojoba Oil on your face for the ultimate moisturiser. Always remember: a little goes a long way. It spreads well, does not shine & penetrates quickly into skin because its molecules are long & extremely narrow. Technically, it is not actually an oil, rather a wax. All other oils have large branched molecules. So size-wise Jojoba Oil can penetrate deep into the skin, but it is also readily absorbed due to its close affinity to the skin’s own oil.

This makes it the ultimate moisturiser. A major component of sebum, the skin’s own oil, is chemically very similar to Jojoba Oil:-


As we age the skin’s sebaceous glands produce less & less sebum. So as our skin’s own moisturiser lessens give it a little help – use the ultimate moisturiser, Jojoba Oil.

Use Jojoba Oil whether your skin is dry or oily. An oil for oily skin? Oily skin results from over production of sebum. Dermatologists consider that the production of sebum is a self-limiting process. Conditions resulting from over production, such as acne & dandruff, may be due to the wrong signalling procedure when the body regulator goes astray due to stress or hormonal changes. A few drops of Jojoba Oil on the face or scalp persuades the skin to cease production by signalling falsely but usefully that sebum production has reached sufficiency. In this way Jojoba Oil helps normalise the skin’s natural production of oil, therefore improving both oily & dry skin.

Jojoba the moisturising cleanser
Use Jojoba Oil as a cleanser. Just a few drops gently massaged into the face & then removed with a tissue or washed away with warm water will remove grime & make up. A second application will moisturise the skin without upsetting the skin’s natural cleansing methods.

Jojoba & breast care
Use Jojoba Oil for a beautiful bustline. Although modern woman wears a bra to support her breasts from below, she will not retain a beautiful bust line if she neglects to care for her body’s natural bra, “nature’s brassiere”. The breast is not solidly fixed to the chest. Instead, the breast hangs from a fan of skin which extends downwards from the neck. This fan of skin, in lifting the breasts from above, acts as a natural brassiere. The degree of lift depends on the elasticity of the skin between the chin & the bosom. So skin care for the bust should not be applied solely to the breast, but rather mainly above it. Massaging “natures bra” with a drop of Jojoba Oil each night will prevent dry neck skin & a drooping bustline. Massaging nipples with Jojoba Oil will prevent cracked nipples in nursing mothers & is perfectly safe for baby.

Jojoba for mothers & babies
Use a few drops of Jojoba Oil in your bath, & baby’s too. Baby’s skin is thinner than ours & needs protection, which is why sebum is the first external secretion produced by baby’s glands. Jojoba Oil, so very similar to sebum, can be massaged safely into the tender new skin.

Pure Jojoba Oil as a baby lotion is approved by Australian maternity hospitals.

Please note that no therapeutic claims are made for Jojoba Oil & rather it serves as a safe & gentle massaging agent to carry out the following techniques.

To relieve colic: place baby on back & massage Jojoba Oil around the navel in a slow anti-clockwise fashion.

To relieve teething pain: sit baby with his back to you &, using middle fingers, massage Jojoba Oil from the dent in the centre at the base of the skull, outwards along the skull bones to the back of the ears.

To relieve a chesty cold: with your hands resting on baby’s shoulders, massage the upper back firmly with Jojoba Oil using your thumbs, then gently tap the chest & upper back.

For mother: before reaching for the towel after a shower, reach for the Jojoba Oil. A drop on each hand wiped over a wet body spreads like bath oil. This simple routine also helps prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Waxing & shaving

Use Jojoba Oil before & after waxing for problem free hair removal. Use very little & use only Jojoba Oil. Why? Because Jojoba Oil is not an oil in the true sense, but really a liquid wax, which therefore enhances the hair to wax bonding. Other oils will not successfully do this. In fact, they will prevent the wax gripping the hair. Jojoba Oil also lubricates the hair follicles, which ease hair removal. Apply a few more drops after waxing. Remember always that a little goes a long way. This will moisturise the skin & prevent the in-grown hair occurring. Dry skin blocks the normal passage of hair onto the skin surface. Jojoba Oil penetrates deeply to soften the skin. Rapid absorption gives a non-shiny satin finish to the skin. Jojoba Oil should also be used to relieve dry skin irritation caused by shaving.

Most men shave daily. A few dead skin cells are removed each time along with unwanted hair. This exfoliation helps stimulate growth of new skin cells & prevents build up of dull, dead skin. However, the warm water & shaving soaps necessary to soften the beard for shaving also dry out the skin, unless followed by a water rinse & Jojoba Oil application. One drop of Jojoba Oil on wet skin will spread a long way.

Men & Jojoba Oil

Most men have fewer skin problems than most women. This is because men don’t wear animal fat or petroleum-based, pore clogging lotions & make-up. Men’s thicker, oilier skin stays younger looking with less work – as long as he stays out of the sun & dust. A generation ago, Australia’s outdoor men were expected to change from bronzed Aussies to shrivelled prunes as a sign of maturity, but now they slip, slop, slap & that’s where the trouble begins. Slopping on zinc cream & other sunscreens can block pores and create problems unless the skin is cleansed & moisturised with Jojoba Oil. Of course protective clothing is nonetheless logical & sensible.

Hair loss is said to depend on both genes & maintenance of health. All hair eventually falls out & more grows. However, if the sebaceous glands cease to lubricate the hair pore with sebum, the emergence of the new hair will be blocked. For this reason many young men massage their scalps with Jojoba Oil to ensure clean, open pores for the passage of new hair. Jojoba Oil cannot cure baldness, but it may prevent it. Certainly a cleansing massage with Jojoba Oil is sensible scalp hygiene. Jojoba Oil, a natural product, is produced in the Australian outback from a plant that will survive the most severe drought. Besides all this, there’s absolutely no smell….odourless Jojoba Oil has no perfume.

Jojoba the health-giving lubricator.

Jojoba Oil is odourless, is non-staining, & unlike other oils does not go rancid. It is deeply penetrating & resistant to chemical change by the body. It is nature’s best & finest lubricator.

Use Jojoba Oil on skin affected by psoriasis & eczema (dry only) to relieve dryness. Jojoba Oil also penetrates the nail to reach & remove “detergent fingers” symptoms. Use Jojoba Oil to soften and lift corns.

Use Jojoba Oil to lift keratosis, small patches of horny skinned pre-cancers.

Jojoba Oil is not a sunscreen. However, used as suntan lotion before & after exposure, it alleviates the drying effects of the sun & the abrasive action of clothing. Prevent this happening with friction-free Jojoba Oil.

Use Jojoba Oil to replace sebum loss due to reduced glandular activity after the age of thirty. In this way the skin will retain its youthful lubrication.

As we age our skin becomes thinner & more susceptible to the affects of friction.

Use Jojoba Oil to stop painful rubbing from clothing, sheets, knee supports & shoes.

Use Jojoba Oil to prevent bedsores & corns.

Use Jojoba Oil as a sexual lubricant for menopausal & post-natal dryness and irritation

Jojoba for hands & hair
Use Jojoba Oil as a natural hair conditioner. Natural because it is from nature & almost identical to sebum, the hair’s own conditioner. Sebaceous oil glands empty into the hair follicle in the skin & the sebum oil-like wax spills out over the hair. The sebum lubricates the hair so that it does not become dry brittle & subsequently break. When sebum is removed by shampooing, we can replace it almost exactly with Jojoba Oil. So add a few drops to your shampoo, your hair conditioner, or merely add two drops of Jojoba Oil to a container of warm water as a final conditioning rinse.

Use Jojoba Oil for the ultimate manicure to strengthen & fortify your nails. Other massage oils have to be removed from the nail with harsh solvents before applying nail polish. Not so with Jojoba Oil. It rapidly penetrates the nail leaving only a tiny residue that, unlike other oils, does not repel the nail polish. No more waiting for stronger nails. For a manicure without fuss that both really sinks in & also naturally strengthens the nails, use only Jojoba Oil.

This information is not intended as medical advice. A health care professional should be consulted in relation to all medical conditions. Vitamins & minerals may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.


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